National Drought Mitigation Center


The NDMC has conducted a number of projects over the years. The list below contains more information about projects in which the NDMC has been involved since it was formed in 1995.

Current Projects

Connecting Ecological Drought Monitoring Tools with Natural Resource Stakeholders in Montana
(Sep 2022 - Aug 2024)

A Communication Framework for Ecological Drought Information in the Southwestern U.S.
(Sep 2022 - Aug 2024)

Climate-Smart Indigenous Agriculture: Drought Planning and Adaptation with New Mexico Pueblos
(Mar 2022 - Mar 2024)

USDA Support for Enhancements to the U.S. Drought Monitor and Engagement with the USDA Climate Hubs 2022-2023
(Sep 2022 - Sep 2023)

USDA Support of the US Drought Monitor and Hub Activities with the National Drought Mitigation Center for the Period of 2020-2023
(Sep 2020 - Sep 2023)

Past Projects

Building a Global Composite Drought Indicator Hot Spot Early Warning and Information System
(Feb 2022 - Feb 2023)

Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Climate Adaptation Workshop Series
(May 2022 - Nov 2022)

USDA Support for Enhancements to the U.S. Drought Monitor 2021-2022
(Oct 2021 - Sep 2022)

Grass Cast Website Permanent Transfer to National Drought Mitigation Center
(Sep 2019 - Sep 2022)

An Extension Guidebook to Help Communities Plan for Drought Using Scenario Based Exercises
(Mar 2021 - Sep 2022)

Consultancy on Baseline Report on Drought Impact Reporting, Monitoring, and Assessment
(Apr 2022 - Aug 2022)

US Drought Portal Operations and Development Support
(Jul 2021 - Jul 2022)

Lower Platte Drought Consortium Tabletop Exercise
(Aug 2021 - Jun 2022)

Drought Planning for the Republican River Basin
(Aug 2020 - May 2022)

Establishing Drought Triggers to Support the Development of Drought Annexes to Agricultural Disaster Risk Management Plans in the Caribbean
(May 2021 - Feb 2022)

Providing Drought Risk Management Services for the World Bank
(May 2020 - Dec 2021)

Drought Information Services & Research for Agriculture across the United States, 2020-2021
(Sep 2020 - Sep 2021)

Providing Drought Information Services for the National Drought Mitigation Center
(Sep 2019 - Aug 2021)

Drought Risk Management Research Center
(Jun 2015 - Aug 2021)

Drought information services for agriculture in the United States through 2020
(Oct 2017 - Sep 2020)

Connecting Drought Early Warning to the Decision Making Needs of Specialty Crop Producers in the Midwestern United States
(Sep 2018 - Aug 2020)

Drought Mitigation in a Multi-Hazards Context
(Oct 2017 - Sep 2019)

2016-2019 La Nina early warning and impacts in the Rio Grande Basin
(Sep 2016 - Sep 2019)

Great Plains Tribal Water Alliance climate partnership: development of water resource vulnerability assessments to build tribal resilience - training and workshops
(Oct 2016 - Sep 2018)

Great Plains Tribal Water Alliance climate partnership: development of water resource vulnerability assessments to build tribal resilience - climate adaptation planning
(Oct 2016 - Sep 2018)

Development of the MENA regional drought management system
(Jan 2016 - Sep 2018)

Development of probabilistic drought intensification forecasts using the GOES-based evaporative stress index
(Sep 2014 - Aug 2018)

Advancing drought monitoring and prediction using a multi-index multivariate framework
(Aug 2014 - Jul 2018)

Decadal drought risk assessment and scenario development for food and bio-fuels agriculture in four sub-basins in the Missouri River Basin
(Aug 2015 - Jun 2018)

Drought planning using community threat and hazard identification and risk assessment
(Jul 2016 - Jun 2018)

The Wind River Indian Reservation's vulnerability to the impacts of drought and the development of decision tools to support drought preparedness
(Jun 2015 - Mar 2018)

Seasonal Prediction of Hydro-Climatic Extremes in the Greater Horn of Africa under Evolving Climate Conditions to Support Adaptation Strategies
(Jan 2014 - Jan 2018)

Investigating the Role of Distrust in Unauthorized Online Activities Using an Integrated Sociotechnical Approach
(Jan 2017 - Dec 2017)

Drought information services for agriculture across the United States
(Oct 2016 - Dec 2017)

North Platte NRD drought tournament
(Oct 2016 - Oct 2017)

Quick Drought Response Index (QuickDRI)
(Jan 2013 - Jan 2017)

Useful to Usable
(Jan 2016 - Dec 2016)

Drought Impacts: Vulnerability thresholds in monitoring and Early-warning Research (DrIVER)
(Jan 2013 - Dec 2016)

Integrating Enhanced GRACE Water Storage Data into the U.S. and North American Drought Monitors
(Jan 2014 - Dec 2016)

Engaging Preparedness Communities
(Jan 2011 - Dec 2015)

Climate Masters of Nebraska
(Jan 2014 - Jan 2015)

From Too Much to Too Little: How the central U.S. drought of 2012 evolved out of one of the most devastating floods on record in 2011
(Jan 2014 - Dec 2014)

An Assessment of Decadal Drought Information Needs
(Jan 2006 - Dec 2013)

Drought Management Database
(Jan 2011 - Dec 2012)

Drought Management Decision-Support Tools (RMA)
(Jan 2005 - Dec 2010)

Low-Flow Studies
(Jan 2005 - Dec 2010)

Republican River Basin Water and Drought Portal
(Jan 2008 - Dec 2010)

Drought Ready Communities
(Jan 2009 - Dec 2010)

A Real-Time Groundwater Monitoring Network for Nebraska
(Jan 2005 - Dec 2009)

Soil Moisture Research
(Jan 2006 - Dec 2007)