National Drought Mitigation Center

State Drought Plans

Plan Type
State Title Year Implemented
Alabama Alabama Drought Management Plan2018
Arizona Arizona Drought Plan2004
California California Drought Contigency Plan2010
Colorado Colorado Drought Mitigation and Response Plan2018
Colorado Colorado Drought Mitigation and Response Plan: Drought Annex to the State All Hazards Mitigation Plan, Annex VII to the State Emergency Operations Plan2013
Connecticut Connecticut Drought Preparedness and Response Plan2022
Delaware Water Use Recommendations and Restrictions for Three-Phase Drought Operating Plan2014
Delaware Delaware Drought Index1982
Florida Florida Drought Action Plan2007
Georgia Drought Management2015
Hawaii Hawaii Drought Plan2017
Idaho Idaho Drought Plan2001
Illinois Drought Preparedness and Response Plan2022
Indiana Indiana Water Shortage Plan2015
Iowa Iowa Drought Plan2023
Kansas Kansas Drought Operations Plan2012
Kentucky Kentucky Drought Mitigation and Response Plan2008
Maine Maine Emergency Operations Plan-Incident Annex 5: Drought2017
Maryland Maryland Department of the Environment: Level One Mandatory Water Use Restrictions2018
Maryland Maryland Drought Monitoring and Response Plan2000
Massachusetts Massachusetts Drought Management Plan 2023
Michigan Drought Response Plan1988
Minnesota Minnesota Drought Response Plan2009
Missouri Missouri Drought Mitigation and Response Plan2023
Montana Montana Drought Management Plan2023
Nebraska Nebraska Drought Mitigation and Response Plan2000
Nevada State of Nevada Drought Response Plan2012
New Hampshire Drought Management Plan Annex2016
New Jersey State of New Jersey Drought Emergency Plan1991
New Mexico New Mexico Drought Plan: 20182018
New York New York State Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan - Drought Management Coordination Annex2022
North Carolina North Carolina Drought Assessment and Response Plan2020
North Dakota Enhanced Mitigation Mission Area Operations Plan2018
Ohio Ohio Drought Incident Response Annex2016
Oklahoma Oklahoma Drought Management Plan1997
Oregon Drought Annex, State of Oregon Emergency Operations Plan2016
Pennsylvania Drought Management in Pennsylvania2018
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Drought Plan2015
Rhode Island Rhode Island Drought Management Plan2002
South Carolina South Carolina Drought Response Plan2017
South Dakota South Dakota Drought Mitigation Plan2015
Tennessee Tennessee Drought Management Plan2010
Texas State of Texas Emergency Management Plan: Drought Annex2016
Utah Utah Drought Response Plan (2013)2013
Vermont State of Vermont Emergency Operations Plan2005
Virginia Virginia Drought Assessment and Response Plan2003
Washington Washington State Drought Contingency Plan2018
West Virginia State of West Virginia Emergency Operations Plan2016
Wyoming Wyoming Drought Plan2003