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Sharing information about NDMC products helps get drought science in the hands of more people. And it helps better inform us about how drought affects you. Please let your followers know about our work, and feel free to use the promotional images and text below!


Condition Monitoring Observer Reports (CMOR)

CMOR updates help us understand how dry, wet and normal conditions affect different activities. Anyone can submit a report.

Access graphics in Spanish. / Acceder a gráficos en español.

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What does drought look like where you live? Share updates to CMOR so others can better understand how drought affects you. #drought #citizenscience
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Feel free to customize this text to reflect your state, industry, local conditions and more.

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Visual Drought Atlas

Landscape photos submitted to the Visual Drought Atlas show what different landscapes look like at different times of year and in different conditions.

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On holiday weekends, or any other day of the year, your photos help show what drought does (and doesn’t) look like in your surroundings when you submit pics to the Visual Drought Atlas. #drought #citizenscience
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