Forecasting, Monitoring and Responding to Drought in Utah

October 24, 2018
Ogden, UT

A one day training session about U.S. Drought Monitor applications, seasonal forecasting tools and processes, and agency and producer perspectives on the drought impacting western states.


  • Dry Fusion: A Timeline of the U.S. Drought Monitor’s Evolution
    Mark Svoboda
  • The United States Drought Monitor Process: What is it and how is the map made?
    Brian Fuchs
  • Tracking Drought Impacts
    Mark Svoboda
  • The United States Drought Monitor LFP Tool and other data
    Brian Fuchs
  • USDA and the Use of the U. S. Drought Monitor (USDM)
    Kelly Breinig
  • Seasonal Forecasting: Process and Products
    Andrea Bair
  • Planning for drought in Utah and the Intermountain West the Intermountain West
    Seth Arens