Winter Season Outlook and Impacts Forum for Lower Valley Agriculture

December 7, 2016
Weslaco, TX

A one-day workshop on the upcoming winter season, the potential impacts on agriculture in the Lower Valley, and tools, grants, and available local and regional resources.


  • Workshop purpose and overview
    Brian Fuchs, National Drought Mitigation Center (NDMC)
  • Current and recent weather conditions in the Lower Valley
    Barry Goldsmith, NWS Brownsville
  • Weather and climate extremes in the Lower Valley
    John Nielsen-Gammon, Texas State Climatologist
  • Challenges of seasonal forecasting: El Nino, La Nina, and La Nada
    Mike Halpert, NWS Climate Prediction Center
  • 2016-2017 Winter Outlook
    Victor Murphy, NWS Southern Region Headquarters
  • Drought early warning and preparedness in the Southern Plains
    Chad McNutt, NIDIS
  • The making of the United States Drought Monitor
    Brian Fuchs, NDMC
  • Assessing weather and climate extremes: local and regional tools and resources
    Leah Kos, SCIPP
  • Drought and Remote Sensing Tools
    Tsegaye Tadesse, NDMC
  • New and Improved Impacts Monitoring: The TexMesonet
    Andy Weinberg, TWDB
  • Agricultural Water Conservation Grants: Current Investments and Future Opportunities
    Mindy Conyers, TWDB