U. S. Drought Monitor Workshop: Forecasting, Monitoring and Responding to Drought in the Southeast

February 4 to February 5, 2020
West Columbia, SC

Experts from the NDMC, NOAA, USDA, and other groups presented information about the USDM, drought tools and resources, USDA programs, current conditions and seasonal forecasts, and ways to monitor and report precipitation data and drought impacts.


  • The United States Drought Monitor Process: History, What it is, and How is the map made?
    Brian Fuchs
  • USDA and the Use of the U. S. Drought Monitor (USDM)
    Kelly Breinig
  • USDA Climate Hubs - Building Resilience Against Drought
    Steve McNulty
  • Past and Current Drought Conditions
    Leonard Vaughan
  • Subseasonal to Seasonal Outlooks from CPC
    David Miskus
  • Understanding Flash Drought and Sectoral Impacts
    Pam Knox
  • Review of Information Used to Create the US Drought Monitor
    Mark Brusberg
  • Metro Atlanta and the US Drought Monitor
    Katherine Zitsch
  • Duke Energy Hydroelectric Projects Low Inflow Protocols
    Ed Bruce
  • Drought Monitoring in Georgia
    Wei Zeng
  • U.S. Drought Monitor Process
    Bill Murphey
    Klaus Albertin
  • South Carolina’s U.S. Drought Monitor Process
    Melissa Griffin
  • Communicating and Reporting about Drought: Tools and Resources
    Kirsten Lackstrom
  • Communicating Drought: What, When, How and Why?
    Rebecca Ward
  • National Drought Mitigation Center’s (NDMC) Condition Monitoring Tool
    Melissa Griffin
  • Communicating and Reporting Drought: Tools and Resources from the updated U.S. Drought Portal
    Meredith Muth
  • Effects of Drought on Forests and Rangelands in the United States
    Jim Vose
  • Drought and Irrigation Best Practices
    Jose O. Payero
  • Clemson Drought Mitigation and Emergency Preparedness
    Brian Bolt
  • Drought Mitigation Practices in Production Agriculture in the Southeast
    Gordon Mikell