National Drought Mitigation Center


NDMC Connects with K-12 Crowd

April 9, 2010

People of all ages explored the connections between paleoclimatology, drought and tree rings at the NDMC''s Lore of the Tree Rings display. After a brief presentation (below left), visitors were invited to select a pre-cut tree cookie to decorate with beads, shells, markers, stamps, and other craft materials (below right).

Spring always brings with it a crop of new education and outreach opportunities. Thanks go to the following, who staffed the NDMC exhibit – “Lore of the Tree Rings” – at the Central Plains Severe Weather Symposium and Family Weatherfest, March 27, in Lincoln, Neb.: Donna Woudenberg, Melissa Widhalm, Kelly Smith, Chris Poulsen, Ann Fiedler, Crystal Bergman, Nicole Wall, and our tireless organizer, Deb Wood. An estimated 3,500 people attended the annual event in Hardin Hall, organized by climatologist Ken Dewey and the School of Natural Resources at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.