National Drought Mitigation Center

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2021 USDM Forum

October 21-22, 2021
Lincoln, NE (Online Workshop)

Session Recordings

USDM Forum October 21, 2021

During the first day of the 2021 USDM Forum Brian Fuchs with the National Drought Mitigation Center explained the USDM process; Mark Svoboda, Director of the NDMC, discussed the history of the USDM; and there was a Q&A session with the USDM Authors.

USDM Forum October 21, 2021 Center Updates

During this session, Richard Heim with National Center for Environmental Information discussed how the USDM process takes place with areas located outside of the continental US; each of the home agencies for the authoring team provided updates of new activities within their groups; and authors of the map were available to answer questions.

Regional Sessions

On day 2 of the USDM Forum, three sessions took place. Each session covered a different region of the United States and provided attendees with the opportunity to discuss region specific topics related to the production of the USDM. All USDM authors joined each session and gave their specific insights and answered questions. You can find the audio of these sessions below.